Corporate Communicationn

ทำยังไงให้ผ่าน Prescreen
This includes how to effectively communicate in meetings, presentations, and through emails or written reports. It also covers communication etiquette in different cultures and situations.

Negotiation Skills

ทำยังไงให้ผ่านสัมภาษณ์กลุ่ม Group Discussion
Teach the language and strategies required for negotiating in business contexts, such as bargaining, making concessions, and closing deals.

Business Vocabulary

ทำยังไงให้ผ่าน สัมภาษณ์กับกรรมการ สายการบิน
Focus on key business terminology and jargon across various industries, helping students to understand and use these terms effectively.






Cross-Cultural Communication

Understanding cultural differences in business practices and etiquette, with a focus on English used in international business situations.

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Not Only This

You will also learn...

Marketing and Advertising Language

This can involve the language used in marketing campaigns, public relations, market research, and online advertising. Students can practice creating their own marketing materials as an exercise.

Project Management Language

Teach specific terminology and phrases related to managing projects, including planning, executing, monitoring, and closing projects.

Leadership and Management Language

Covers phrases and language styles used in effective leadership and management, including giving feedback, motivating teams, and conflict resolution.

Human Resources and Recruitment

The language of job descriptions, applications, interviews, performance reviews, and staff development.

Customer Service Language

How to professionally handle customer interactions, complaints, and feedback. This topic is particularly useful for those in sales, retail, or other customer-facing roles.

Financial English

Covers terms related to accounting, investments, budgeting, financial reports, and taxation.



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